Leah Jacobs-Gordon

Third Year Graphic Design Student
at the University of Lincoln

(see About Me for more)
7. Black or White?
This Or That
2. Create font from a found object
(Four linked paper clips)
Being confident is hard.
Developing a potential identity for myself. Frigging hardest thing everrr. I want something simplistic, eyecatching but also reflects me and the way I design. Meh… back to the drawing board.
Random design proclaiming my love to New York… cos I <3 New York. Forevvsss mate.
My first ever proper attempt at creating a purely typographic poster using a quote from Spirited Away (last poster for this film I promise).
I need to man up and stop being such a wimp when it comes to typography… *Sigh* I know I shall conquer thee one day *triumphant face*.