Leah Jacobs-Gordon

Third Year Graphic Design Student
at the University of Lincoln

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Ivy in the Autumn by (PredictorX)


70% of editing is just looking at ur work for a few hours with this face


Love a bit of doodling, me
Hello, I wanted to stop in and tell you- neat work! But your theme, while pretty, makes it difficult to give love to the posts. And I don't have an archive button to go to so that I can reblog easily. I realize this is unsolicited feedback-so do what you will with it-but I keep thinking I should tell you, so here I am. Cheers!

Hey! Thanks a lot for the compliments and the feedback I will definitely look into finding a better theme so that it’s easier to reblog asap etc.. Hope you’re having a wicked summer, Leah

Hola Lolaaasss

Firstly: I haven’t been around in a looong time basically because there is sun in England and this happens rarely so I’m tryna catch it as much of it as possible before it disappears forevers but all art/design posts shall commence again in a few weeks (woop).

Secondly: I don’t think my private messaging is working so for those who messaged me saying they liked my work THANKS SO MUCH (it actually gets me so happy lol).

Also those asking about buying any of my posters/work email me: jacobsgordonleah [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk and I shall give you the low down. (Whoever sent me their number I cant use it as I live in England and I no know how much them charges be).


Waterloo Station, London, England